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The Centre coordinates Health Programs, Work in the field of work and health, in the broad sense of the word.
Examples of programs of the Centre you can find on this site, such as:

  • Fit for Work-work reservation on a chronic condition, with tools for employers/managers, employees and health care providers and political influence
  • Target PRA-work as a treatment goal in rheumatology care, with offer of e-learning, team sessions and digital tools for rheumatologists and nurses
  • Everything is Health-the Center endorses and supports the National Program prevention.
  • Peeking at the neighbors-informal incentive for careers and employability within SMEs
  • Committee on health-improving knowledge and awareness among employers for long-term employability, work with a chronic condition and psycho-social working tax
  In addition to multiannual programmes with various parts, knows the Centre shorter current projects.